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Having an "artistic" home starts with wall decorations.

These can be of various kinds: from a real mural, through a painting on the wall made with stencils, to stickers or wallpaper.


What better occasion to bring Banksy's art home?

Decorating with Banksy's Graffiti wall stickers is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to transform a boring wall in minutes! The decals have been specially designed to recreate the effect of the original artwork. 

They won't strip paint or drywall and can therefore be repositioned at will.

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Door Covers

There is a fascinating world dedicated to decorating the interior walls of the house.  TheDoor Covers they are maxi-adhesive posters, made in the 83x210 cm format and packaged in a black tube.  They are perfect for covering and decorating any door in minutes. 

For the application you do not need glues and special preparations: they are very simple to apply  and remove, without damaging the doors on which they are applied.


 Thestencils they are masks or silhouettes, on which motifs or images are carved. The empty part of the stencil masks, which will be filled with color, basically represents the design that we are going to reproduce on the underlying surface.

Made of single sheets of PP (190micron) they are available in the sizes: A1, A2, A3, A4, A5

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Photowall stickers are an absolute novelty in the world of wall decoration. To apply them, you don't need glue or water, nor the help of professionals: just detach the printed panel from the backing paper and compose the photomural on the wall.

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