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Wall Sticker_LoveRat_50x70 copia.jpg

the original effect

Decorating with Banksy's Graffiti wall stickers is the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to transform a boring wall in minutes!

The wall stickers are shaped and have opaque lamination, to recreate the original effect of the work; they're designed specifically for interior home walls and won't strip paint or drywall when repositioned.

Available in 8 design variants and in different sizes (M, L, XL, GIANT)

The line


Mixed rats (6 disegni)

Codice 27741

Wall Sticker_FloatingGirl_50x70.png

Flying Balloons Girl

Codice 27744 (L) - Codice 27745 (XL)

Wall Sticker_Ghepard_70x50.png

Barcode Ghepard

Codice 27748 (L)

Wall Sticker_NoLikesMe_50x70.png

Nobody Likes You

Codice 27751 (L) - Codice 27752 (XL)

Wall Sticker_Bandaged Heart_30x30.png

Bandaged Heart

Codice 27272 (M) -Codice 27743 (XL)

Flower Thrower_Giant_1.jpg

The Flower Thrower

Codice 27746 (L) - Codice 27747 (XL) - Codice 27750 (GIANT)

Wall Sticker_Swinging_100x140.jpeg

Swing Girl

Codice 27749 (L) - Codice 27750 (XL)

Wall Sticker_LoveRat_50x70 copia.jpg

Love Rat

Codice 27753 (L) - Codice 27754 (XL)

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