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BK-103 Jerusalem Balloons Print Master.jpg

flexibility, speed, practicality

Paint your own Banksy stencil onto a wall using spray paint or the classic acrylic paint can and enjoy replicating your favorite artist's work!

The mask is made by cutting some sections of the plastic surface (PP) to form a physical negative of the image to be created. By applying paint or pigment to the mask, the cut out shape will be imprinted on the surface behind the stencil, as the color will only pass through the cut away sections.

The line

Finger Copper_edited.jpg

Finger Cop

Codice 27715 (A3) - Codice 27716 (A2) - Codice 27717 (A1)

You Lie_edited.jpg

You Lie

Codice 27712 (A4) - Codice 27713 (A3) - Codice 27717 (A2)

Choose Your Weapon_edited.jpg

Choose Your Weapon

Codice 27718 (A3) - Codice 27719 (A2) - Codice 27720 (A1)

Flying Balloons Girl_edited.jpg

Flying Balloons Girl

Codice 27702 (A3) - Codice 27703 (A2) - Codice 27704 (A1)

Girl with Baloon_edited.jpg

Girl with red Balloon

Codice 27709 (A4) - Codice 27710 (A3) - Codice 27711 (A2)

The Flower Thrower

The Flower Thrower

Codice 27705 (A4) - Codice 27702 (A3) - Codice 27703 (A2) 

Codice 27704 (A1)

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