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Identify yourself in something, look for products that can represent your mood and at the same time are a guarantee of quality.  Especially when you're traveling and the care and protection of those you bring with you becomes an essential element.

Banksy's drawings accompany your movements and show who you are.


You think about safety and comfort, we think about developing superior quality products, attentive in every single phase of the production process

For the Banksy's Graffiti line of car perfumers, we have chosen a combination of fragrances that recalls the distant Indies, the sensuality of Arab women, the depth of an ancient and suggestive culture: Cashmeran&Cedar. 

The sensuality of the Cashmeran essence is strong, it is perceived immediately behind the jasmine with its sensory complex. 


The Sunshade line is made in Portugal and packaged in Italy.


The side blinds are tested and certified products: they block more than 98% of UV rays (UPF 50+) and help reduce the temperature inside the passenger compartment.

The Front Sunshade, made from 80% recycled plastics, has heat resistance guaranteed by 2xPET aluminized polyethylene air bubbles.


Durability and functionality make this product the ideal tool to guarantee protection and comfort.

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