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Ceramics, safeguarding taste 

When choosing a cup or mug for drinks, it is first of all important to focus on the materials. In fact, these must be made with rather resistant materials, they must be thick so as to be able to maintain the high temperature of the drink, which is approximately 65° C. Furthermore, the cups must also be comfortable to handle.  The best material is ceramics, in fact manages to maintain the heat and aroma of the drink and neither the shape nor the color tend to undergo changes over time, even if they are used daily. 

The line

Bandaged Heart

Bandaged Heart

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Birds of a Feather_1.jpg


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Lizzy Stardust_1.jpg

Lizzy Stardusy

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Flying Balloons Girl_1.jpg

Flying Balloons Girl

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Drunk Mickey

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Follow Your Dreams_1.png

Follow Your Dreams

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Dream Big.jpg

Dream Big

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Rude Copper_1.jpg

Finger Cop

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Love Rat_6.jpg

Love Rat

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Out of Bed_1.png

Out of Bed

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Spangled Minnie

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The Flower Thrower_1.jpg

The Flower Thrower

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